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....a full service and safety check at a well know auto service franchise.

Whoever this “auto service franchise” is, it’s best to avoid them.

Instead find a locally owned independent business to maintain your vehicles. Problems like this happen all the time at national franchise stores. Having them chase the pinging problem could easily result in further disappointment and potentially unnecessary expense.

Look at the top of this page for the “Mechanics Files” and see if there are recommended shops in your area.

200 ml (milliliters) is only ~6.7 oz, that amount is not going to hurt anything How did the service center come up with this number? How old is the jeep, how many miles?

Best to use an independent mechanic, check with neighbors, friends or relatives for a local shop.

Good luck,

Ed B.

The Ping = engine knock?
= value clicking and clacking?
= arcing?
= cam noise?

You may try a oil additive to thicken your existing oil or dump your current oil and use a 30 oil and see if noise goes away.

I am guessing.

Don’t know if your oil fill is at the valve cover or somewhere else- If it on the value cover, you should have sprayed oil in the engine compartment , Yes?

for 10 points, Is the clicking related to radiator fans?

Overfilling the oil by that much should not cause any problems at all. Even overfilling by twice that much should not be an issue. If the engine oil level was anywhere near full then I don’t see how any problem could be caused by the shop even though they they allegedly left the oil cap off.

You refer to this as pinging and digging into the oil pump could mean a rattle or knock.

You also sate they went 4X4 driving which I take to mean boondocking on rough terrain. Maybe some aggressive driving is the actual cause of a problem or an existing problem was exacerbated by boondocking.
If that is the case, this type of useage always comes with a price and in the event of a loose cap it’s possible that boondocking could have shaken it off instead of it being left off.

You might clarify the 4x4 part of this story as to whether this was boondock driving or not and provide info about how many miles are on this Jeep’s odometer.

Hi guys, I’m in Australia boondocking? Never heard of that word before but I’m guessing the answer is yes, he was driving in bush. The car ha 1998 jeep that has done 140,000km. I’m not exactly sure where the sound is coming from and as I said I have left it with the mechanic so even if I had a little mechanical knowledge and i wouldn’t know what I was looking at :). I won’t use this mechanic again after this. Thanks longprime when we get it back I’ll get the boys to look at those things.

Is the clicking regular or related to engine speed or ground speed?

Our Toy Highlander tended to get brush/grass in the universal and transfer. Taught me that I should stick to roads and not go cross country. The Toy was a work vehicle and not for play.

If the oil was so overfilled so much that the piston crank was dipping into the oil, the oil will froth and the engine will not be properly lubricated. Other than that, there should be no significant problem.

There is no way that the quick lube place could calculate that the engine was overfilled by 200 ml. Either they are lying, or you misunderstood them. Oil isn’t measured in liters in the US. I would not go back there.

A 200 ml overfill – what’s that, about 1/5 of a quart? – I don’t see that causing the pinging. But w/no oil cap, some amount of oil could have spilled out too, so it might have been more overfilled than 200 ml. Too much oil in the crankcase can do damage to the engine. But I doubt 200 ml would do any damage.

I think your son has learned that after an oil change job, no matter who does it, before starting the engine and driving away, he should first look under the car for leaks, check the dipstick, and check that the oil cap is secure.

From the comments about the oil pump, oil sump, and so on I kind of read this as a knock or rattle rather than pinging; even more so if the noise can be heard while the engine is idling or revved while stationary.

Here in the U.S. boondocking means heading out into the rough and driving a vehicle through conditions that can take a toll on it and I’m aware that TV commercials may portray this as no problem. This kind of use can create all kinds of problems but the addition of 200 extra mls of oil did not cause this noise.