Too much fuel consumption

can anyone give me advice as to why my car is now using more petrol than it used to? It used to be really economical to run, ?20 worth of fuel would last me 2 weeks as i only do short journeys, now it only lasts me 3 or 4 days. I have no leaks and everything else seems to be working fine, i dont use the AC. Is there something simple I could do to remedy this? Any advice appreciated

Perhaps the cost of fuel has gone up? If you’re spending (is that 20 pounds?) 20 something at the pump all of the time, you won’t get as much gas volume (gallons) if the price per gallon has gone up.

Fuel consumption can only be measured in miles per gallon, not days per dollar. My gas costs have gone up tremendously this past year, but it’s due to the cost not a decrease in mileage.

As noted the price of fuel everywhere is going up. In addition it is getting colder and than means less mileage.

However … Have you kept up on all the standard maintenance items? Plugs wires filters etc? They can extract a tool as well.

For any help with possible car problems, you will need to help us out a little. Make, model, year, condition, miles etc. Good Luck