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Toggle switch

Bought this car and it has a toggle switch that bypassed the ignition. What I need to know is if it is what’s causing the check engine light? Please help I’m stuck with this car.

How could we possibly know what the previous owner of your car did to the wiring?

How was it bypassed? What was bypassed and why? The ignition switch? How do you engage the starter? What year 200SX is this? What other modifications have been done to it? What codes is it setting to light the CEL?

Why would you buy this kluged up mess of a car? I hope it was really cheap 'cause this could cost you.

Get the fault code(s) read and post it(them) here.
The toggle switch may or may not be a factor, but knowing the codes might help us guess. It’s a place to start.

The year, mileage, and any history you may have might be a big help as well.

The toggle switch for the ignition system may have been the previous owners home-made anti-theft system.

The Check Engine light only comes on once the engine is running.

So focus on why the Check Engine light comes on once the engine is running.


Thanks guys the only problem is the wiring is so jacked up that the mechanic I took it to could get codes off of it. And suggested getting a new ignition for it so he could rewire back together. But it’s looking like you guys are right it’s going to cost me alot just to have the wiring done… previous owner told me codss for it where speed sensor and O2 sensor. Both O2 sensors have been replaced… it’s a 95 with 195k miles

I’m truly sorry to hear that.
If you have a shop in your area that specializes in automotive electrical systems that might be the way to go.

I’d be inclined to dismiss any comments the seller made as pure BS. Never believe anything a seller says. Not ever. Even if he’s a dealer. Maybe even ESPECIALLY if he’s a dealer!

Sincere best with this.

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as @the_same_mountainbik has said, please post the codes. Many auto parts stores will read them for fre. (missing th last E for you senior mountainbik x2)

I donated the last e to charitE. Took a tax deduction, but they disallowed it! :grin:


I’ll see what I can do. I work all weekend. But where to go? O’Reilly’s? AutoZone?

In my state autozone reads the codes for free, in CA they do not from previous discussions, try one and see.

A common inexpensive scan tool can’t read codes on an OBDI vehicle. There should be a way to read them with an analog meter with the ECU in diagnostic mode.

What is a p0300 code for a 98 Chevy lumina?

Multiple cylinder misfire. Is this a 1995 Nissan or a Chevrolet?

Was just asking for someone who had that issue with their car

Since your car’s electrical system has been butchered, knowing someone else’s solution wouldn’t help you… even if you could find someone who had a similar car that had also been butchered.

Frankly, even if someone else had solved the same problem with a similar car that hadn’t been butchered, that would not mean your solution would be the same. There are a plethora of possible causes for most problems,

What are the codes then?

Besides needing the error codes to help more, I was wondering… you said it is an ignition bypass switch, but I am not sure I understand. What does the switch do or activate when you flip it?

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I agree, that term does not have a lot of meaning, as there is no reason to “bypass” the ignition. Perhaps it opens the 12 volt supply to the ignition circuit as a security measure.

I had one of these in a previous car. The switch interrupted power to the coil. With the switch open, you could crank the car until the battery went dead and it wouldn’t start. It was a theft prevention feature added by the previous owner and I just kept it.