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Toasted engine

a friend recently had her oil changed at a fast oil change chain. 3 days later the engine blew. she isn’t sure what course of action to take. any advice?


You haven’t established a connection between the oil change and the blown engine, and, in fact, there may not be one.

Did your friend check the oil after the oil change? Was the oil pressure warning light on before the engine blew?

More information would be helpful.

Post the story,the whole story,don’t leave anything out.Exactly what is wrong with the engine,how long did your friend drive with the oil light on (I know it was not safe to stop where she first saw the light on) any puddels of oil under the car previously,make a connection (as previously mentioned) between the oil change and the incident.

The shop,Quicky Lube,Independant,Dealer,Shadetree mechanic is innocent base upon the information you have provided so far,

As the others have said, the exact details of the incident are vital in order for anyone to render an intelligent opinion. To say that “the engine blew” is not really descriptive.

For instance, if the timing belt snapped and caused internal damage to the engine, that is an indictment of the way that she maintained of the car, and is not the result of an oil change. Or, if a head gasket “blew” and the resulting overheating damaged the engine, this is not the result of an oil change.

Please give us ALL of the details, and we may be able to find fault with the fast oil change place. Right now, nobody could hazard a guess, due to the missing details of the incident.

And don’t forget to tell us the make, model, year, mileage, and maintenance history of the vehicle along with the details of the incident.