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To rotate or not to rotate, What are your thoughts on this?

I drive a BMW (safely) and never rotate my tires. In my owners manual the manufacture also makes this statement: Any questionable savings you might gain in tire life will be off set by loss of traction after rotating the tire. Each tire will ware differently and as it does traction actually improves. This is lost after you rotate the tire. I innitally questioned this until I did some simple math. If you take the cost of one tire and devide it by the number of advertised or expected miles you then get your approximate cost per mile. Then take the number of miles you expect to gain by rotating the tire (2000? Maybe more/less?) times your cost per mile (then multiply again x 4 for 4 tires) you find your savings over the life of the tires is very little especially if you are paying for tire rotations. Depending on what you are paying for rotations you may be actually spending more! Because I have high performance tires my cost per mile is high. This savings is even less for higher milage tires as your cost per mile is less. I know that we rotate tires because our fathers told us to and their fathers before them told them to and at $35.00 for a rotation it is good business for the shops to tell us to continue to rotate but just how much are we really saving VS just buying a new set of 4 when they get worn. Besides I know all of you appreciate the feel when you change from a worn set to new tires.

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