To repair or to dump?



I owe a 99 Nissan Altima which has $106K miles on it. Due to normal wear and tear (per my mechanic), the CV boot of the front wheels are ripped and the pulley for the timing belt needs to be replaced. All in all I am looking at about $800 of repair for a car that’s probably worth $4000.

Is it worth it to get it fixed so I can drive for a few more months before I shop in the market for a new car?


The usual answer you will get here is that fixing such a car makes sense IF the rest of the car is in good shape. A 1999 car is not old, and 106,000 miles is not a lot.

Others will tell you that any fix that costs 25% or less than the cars value is justified.

We have a 1994 Nissan with 125,0000 miles on it and I would spend $800 without blinking an eye, since the rest of the car (engine, transmission) is still in good shape.

You should get it fixed and you will likely be able to drive several more years before you need to trade.

Both these items you mention are either maintenance (timing belt) or normal wear and tear. All FWD cars have to have this doen at some stage.


If you plan on trading the vehicle in towards your new car, drive it and don’t fix it. The dealer will low-ball you on the trade anyway.

If you plan on selling the vehicle yourself, then drive it and don’t fix it. But let the perspective buyers know what it needs and knock a $1,000.00 off the price.

By the way, the engine has a timing chain not a timing belt. So the reference for a timing belt pulley repair doesn’t make sense.



Testers comment about the timing CHAIN is a red flag…Verify what your mechanic is talking about…Replacing the front half-shafts is a no-brainer


If you are ready now to buy a car then don’t bother. If you need a few months fix it.


Thank you all for your responses. I believe it was the belt and not the chain, so I apologize for the inaccurate information as I am not very knowledgeable with automobiles. I have decided to do the repairs and start shopping for a car in anticipation for the future.