To injector or not injector?

If you’re measuring ~1.2 ohms with an inexpensive digital meter the test leads themselves can add a few 10ths of an ohm.
A failed injector will typically read drastically higher: thousands of ohms or “infinity”.

Thank you for pointing this out. I have a pretty decent multimeter, though.

By inexpensive I mean under a couple hundred bucks.
High end meters have the option of a 4 wire ohmmeter that nullifies the test lead resistance and gives sub-milliohm accuracy.
Of course that’s overkill to test an injector.

If the engine’s running, then I would have to rule out the module since you have injector pulse and spark. you may be going in the right direction with the injectors, maybe not. As Circuitsmith stated, you can have leads adding some tenths of an ohm resistance on their own. I do recall this vintage having issues with magnetizing the distributor shaft which in turn interferes with the pickup signal. The only way to tell that though is with a lab scope. I’m not a big fan of just slinging parts at something til it’s fixed.

Update: I ended up bringing the truck to a mechanic. Verdict: pick-up coil, distributor, oxygen sensor and pcv valve… It’s back on the road!

Thank you to all for your input. I have learned a lot.