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Title transfers in California

I have a 91 Saturn that I wish to give away (free).

The car is not currently registered and probably will not pass CA smog certification without some work. Someone dearly wants to take the car off my hands, but how do I protect myself legally? Should I apply for a Salvage Title before I give it away? What precautions can I take when if/when I tranfer the title?

Cars for Causes will accept the car regardless of a smog check .It normally is the seller’s responsibility to have it okayed.There is also a Release of Liability form to file with DMV at this time.Sign the pink slip and hand them the keys and owners manual.This is also a tax deduction for you.Take $100 or nada.
Private parties need to sign off receipt in an"as is" condition.I don’t think that a gift will make you smog exempt,but call DMV, and sell the car for $1.00 “in consideration of”.And never forget the Release of Liability form for the DMV. Good luck

Thank you for the information - and happy holidays!