Titan with overheating transmission

So I have a 2005 Nissan Titan and a 16’ trailer filled to the brim. I moved the entire contents of my house from Boston to upstate new york and had problems with the transmission overheating badly the entire way. I’ve looked into getting a transmission oil cooler, a rear diff cap with fins (to keep the rear end cool) and a bigger oil pan along with some royal purple. I’m currently deployed in Iraq and have to drive across the country upon my return from boston to california where I’ll jump on a boat and complete my move to Hawaii.

My question is, has anybody else had any similar problems and does anybody think that my diagnosis to alleviate this problem would work?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like a good plan to me. An engine oil cooler makes more sense than a bigger pan and purple motor oil…

Or trade the Toyota for a new F-150 with the FACTORY tow package and leave all that hot, messy stuff behind…

What is the tow capacity of your Titan, and how much are you actually towing? Any time you overwork a machine it will tell you so, and the louder it gets in its compliants, the more it will wind up costing you.

Well the bigger pan and the purple GEAR oil will disperse the heat better than the factory stuff I’m told. And I don’t have a Toyota nor do I want an F-150 (I tow with F-350s for work and they all quit at 60,000). My Titan has a factory tow package and is capable of towing up to 7500 lbs. When I’m only towing <5000, I don’t need anything but my truck. Thanks for the help anyway Caddyman.

Mr. Ignoramus9, the answers to your questions are stated just above. I understand a lot about towing and overworking machines through my job and know not to put my own truck through the same abuse.

I tow a 21’ trailer with my '05 Titan, with tow package, and going up long grades (I live in Wa.) it will over heat. So I have to watch the transmission temp closely. I slow down and shift down, and all’s well. I’m not zipping up the hills at 60, but rather at 45. But I make it, and still love the truck!

My brother had a 2004 Nissan Titan and that truck was really nice. Only drawback…No four wheel drive so he had some issues selling it at first. When my old car died on me I was going to buy the titan off my brother but it needed new tires, new battery, new battery connections because the old ones had corroded so I bought a Versa instead.