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I have a tire size question. I drive a 2001 Toyota Celica GTS. When I bought the car it had 205/50R-16 tires (I actually still have the window sticker with the information). I have purchased tires once and they put the same size on the car (I have the receipt). I need 4 new tires. The owners’ manual says don’t change the tire size, but the tire dealer says as long as I change all 4 tires I can put 205/55R-16 tires on the car. Can I?? Are there pros and cons?

Thank you.


No way we can tell if you’re have enough clearance, but why do it? It’ll slightly soften the ride, and take a little bit of sharpness off the handling.

I’m not a high performance driver - but I have no complaints about the current tires - except the car seems a little “noisy.” I have a feeling the tire person didn’t have the size I asked for!

They might be noisy because they’re worn, or you simply might need a different brand of tire with a different tread pattern. No matter what a tire shop says, if the owner’s manual says stick with a particular size I think it’s a good idea to follow that bit of information.

The difference in size is minuscule. You will never know the difference.

While I would stick with the original size The owners’ manual says don’t change the tire size. As noted the difference in size is small and is not likely to cause a problem, but you don’t know why they added that line about not changing tyre size and neither do I.

Dealers in general often give bad advice.

except the car seems a little “noisy.”

Noise is almost ALWAYS the tread pattern. Different size isn’t going to matter one bit.

Thanks to all for the advice - I think I’ll stick with the original size! Sounds like a safe bet.

I’d also go to a different tire dealer. This one is trying to sell you what he has in stock rather than getting the correct size for you. If he’ll do this, he’s capable of anything and should not, in my opinion, be trusted.

good place to go to find reviews and such of different brands of tires. Will ship to your home, or one of their shops near you.

check the tire sizes listed on the drivers door post…sometimes there will be two sizes given…in my experience with toyot’s there are often alternative tire sizes…