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my tires are about nine years old but have only 35000 miles on them and I keep them filled with nitrogen. They are rated at forty thousand miles.

would I be safe in taking a long (5500 miles) trip on them.

Nine years old? I’d replace them rather than gamble on such a long trip. Sunlight exposure ages tires, and having nitrogen inside the tires won’t make a difference.

You do know that air is nearly 80% nitrogen, don’t you?

The tread depth may become dangerously low during the trip, and you could have trouble in inclement weather. Get new, high-quality tires before you leave and be safe and secure.

Wouldn’t you feel so much better with new ones’s Is this option impossible?(cost) I say no to a 5500 mile trip on 9year old tires.

Besides the degrading of the material, I look at the potential of having to put money into a 9 yr old tire (dismount,patch,most likely rebalance, I don’t like the mark the spot and skip the re-balance) put 15-20 dollars into a 9yr old tire,no.New tire, road hazard warranty,I have used them.

Definitely replace them. It’s not worth the risk. And forget about nitrogen, unless it’s free. Even when you’re not down to the wear bars you have reduced wet weather traction and a slightly noisy, bumpy ride.

Make this one more vote for replacing those tires prior to your trip. Is it really worth it to try to save $400.–$500. now, but to place yourself, your family, and your enjoyment of a trip in jeopardy by scrimping on this maintenance item?


A few days ago they were your dad’s tires, they had 38K miles and the trip was 350 miles.

Headed for the inauguration?

Make mine another vote for new tires. And be sure they’re appropriate for the climates you’ll be passing through.

Not worth the small risk or hassle to chance it. 35k on my tires I have means well worn. The longest I have ever owned a set is 45k miles.

Nitrogen makes no difference.