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snow tires vs. all-weather tires


Ham vs. Turkey
Dems vs. Republicans
Broccoli vs. Cauliflower
Creationism vs. Evolution

My guess your question is pro’s and cons.

Winter tires are superior on snow, ice, winter muck by a considerable margin. Stopping distances are significantly shorter and the ability to corner on winter covered roads significantly better. For some its the difference between walking and getting there. I have owned them and it makes hard winter driving a breeze. Cons are cost, hassle of changeover, more rapid wear, not as good to poor handling vs all-seasons on dry winter days.

All-seasons do okay all year round. Only in extreme snow or ice events you will have problems or adverse conditions like deep snow or steeper hills. Once the plow or sander passes they work quite well with most FWD and AWD. Still they cannot stop nor turn as well on wintery roads like winter tires. For most you are more than fine on them.