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Tires are wearing out quickly on my camry

Okay, so a few months ago I hit a pothole a lot harder than I would of liked. I know I broke something and have gotten my car looked at multiple times. It makes a clunking noise when turning and when only one wheel hits a bump. My tires are wearing evenly but they are balding wayyy faster than my back tires. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Replaced controll arms with the ball joints. Replaced the front struts. I’ve done the sway links. I’ve gotten an alignment. And replaced the cv joints. My car drives straight. But my issues are the clunking is still there, my front tires are almost bald while my back tires still look like they are new, and the car makes random noises, like a low rumbling, I can only hear it while going slow. The technicians at big o said the cars wheel bearings are fine.

The only thing you left out was, what year Camry?


2005 2.4ltr 4cyl

How many miles are on your new tires?

Less Than 3000

With tires burning up in 3000 miles it should be fairly easy to identify the alignment problem, return to the repair shop that did the repairs unless that was Big-O tires.

Wait so if big o did the work, Don’t take it back to them?

You can return to them but are you satisfied with their quality of workmanship? Do you believe they are capable of solving the problem? I feel if the tire wear is that bad the problem should have been looked at much earlier.

I’m going to be honest. I did all the work myself. All big o did was an alignment, and a new set of tires. And check over everything. I’m really concerned that it might be a bent frame.

You need a competent alignment done. That should pickup any bent frame problems.


First, the front tires on a FWD wear about 2 1/2 times faster than the rears. Keep that in mind when evaluating things.

Second, it sounds like the tires are wearing on the edges and not evenly across the face of the tread. That is important information as it indicates the tires are (were) out of alignment.

And lastly, unless changing the tires were the last thing you did, you have to keep in mind that you don’t erase the wear that is already there - that new wear patterns are on top of the old. Put another way, if your tires had edge wear, then you fixed it with an alignment, the tires will still have edge wear.

At this point I would rotate the rear tires to the front and see what happens.


Wow, maybe with really aggressive driving. I’ve experienced nothing approaching that.