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Tires and broken tire pressure sensor

The tire pressure sensor on my 2008 Toyota avalon broke off and was inside the tire. The repair person who found the problem when the tire was being balanced told me there was damage to the inside of the tire and I should replace it. At a tire store the salesperson said that there was no need to replace it because the steel belt protected the inside of the tire from the sensor that was moving around inside the tire. Who is correct?

The one who actually looked…the one who found the problem.
I always trust the one who actually looked.

A tire store salesman said NOT to buy a new tire? Whoa!! Are you sure? Isn’t there more to this?

But the SALES guy didn’t give you a good explanation as the steel belt doe NOT hold in the air - the innerliner does, and that is damaged according to the guy who looked in. And EVERY puiblication from tire manufacturers and the government say if the inside is damaged, it either neeeds to be repaired or replaced.

According to this article from, inner liner damage MAY be repairable ( see 9th paragraph).