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Tire vandals

we have a disturbing problem in our office parking garage. apparently a quick slash of a tire valve with a razor blade can cause a slow leak after driving? are there any products or techniques to thwart this crime?

Metal valve stems are available…There have been many valve stem failures caused by defective Chinese made stems imported by Dill, a once reliable company…Centrifugal force generated by high-speed driving pushes the stem over and they split open, allowing the air to escape.

Big junkyard dogs.

I don’t see the " a quick slash of a tire valve with a razor blade can cause a slow leak after driving?" I don’t think it needs any driving to cause a leak.

It sounds like you need some security cameras.

And you thought that “Chinese junk” was a boat?

Sounds odd - a razor blade cut to a tire stem should either do nothing, or cause a BIG leak. I would think it’d be very hard to cause a small leak. Are you sure it’s not what Caddyman’s talking about, a defective/worn/cracked valve stem?

I’m also inclined to agree this not a razor cut but simply one of those inferior Chinese valve stems that chose to split. That’s nothing new; do a net search about this issue.

Now when you’re sitting at a railway crossing watching a freight train cross with countless containers marked Ming Lines or something like that you will know what’s in at least a few of those containers; lousy B Grade valve stems by the millions.