Tire size

Hello all. I was looking at the window sticker of my 2010 yaris and I noticed that the car comes standard with 14 inch steel wheels with P175/65R14 tires. However, since I purchased the power package, I got 15 inch steel wheels with P185/60R15 tires. My question is what is the difference?

The 15s are about 3/4" total diameter larger tire and a 1/2" wider as well.
This should give generally better handling.

On a Yaris, is that an OXYMORON ?

15 inch wheels are 1" larger diameter wheels. This could allow the mfg to put bigger brakes on the car, but in this case I expect your brakes are the same as if you had gotten 14" wheels.

Your tires also have to be 15" to fit the wheels and they are a bit wider and lower profile than the standard tires. The difference is primarily cosmetic but your 15" tires might provide slightly better grip and traction. As far as ride and hitting bumps and potholes they are just about the same.

As others have said, the difference is a tiny tad better handling and a bit more of a youthful image. Ken, thanks for the chuckle.

I’m curious…what else did the “power package” on the Yaris include?

And a little more likely to hydroplane and maybe a little less mileage.

Good points. That extra 10mm just might make the difference.

Thanks everyone for your replies. The power package includes Power locks, Power windows, Power outside mirrors, AM/FM CD MP3 WMA player, aux audio jack, remote keyless entry, engine immobilizer, and the aforementioned rim/tire upgrade.

Cool. It sounds like a nice car, and if you have the same good luck that I’ve had over the years with my Toyotas you have many, many happy miles ahead of you.

What it REALLY means, the 15" tires will cost about $10 bucks more each to replace…Be thankful you were not “upgraded” to P195/45R/17 wheels and tires, which would double the replacement cost…

It might change, with the resurgence of small cars, but tires smaller than 15 inch are kind of hard to find. You have a lot less selection, at any rate. Most new cars for almost a decade have had wheels in the 16-17 inch range.

I had a blowout near Carlsbad, NM and I had to hit 3 places before I found one that had more than one tire that fit my car (always replace in pairs at a minimum…besides, the other tire was probably going to blow out for the same reason as the first.).