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Tire Size Error

Just got an '06 fusion, and checked the tires. It has P205/60’s (spec) on the front,but it has P215/60’s (out of spec)on the rear. Is there any problem with these rear tires being out of spec??? Thanks!

Is it all wheel drive ?

If you bought this from a Dealer, I would take it back and demand a matched set of tires. While it probably will not hurt anything, it makes it impossible to rotate the tires and it will slightly alter the vehicles handling characteristics…

That vehicle did not come with AWD, so there shoudl be no roblem except perhaps inaccurate readings on the speedometer and the odometer. And the headlights may aim a tiny bit too low.

I don’t see any possible effect on the optional traction control if it has it.

There may be some tiny compromise in handling, so when the tires begin to get low you may want to replace them with the proper size.

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You

Get the proper size tires on. The stability control (likely equipped) may get confused by the different speed readings on the front wheels vs rear.

I would be as much concerned that the tread designs are different. I feel that a dealer selling a car this way should be liable to make a change to like size and treads. If private sale, you’re on your own and you should realize you will have some traction difference either way. It’s the typical, how much am I willing to pay for added safety you “may” not realize. Your call, your pocket book. I would change to 4 new stock size tires.

Ummm…“Thank you” is a nice, polite response, but it is not an answer to the very pertinent question, “Is it all wheel drive”?

Regarding my friend mountainbike’s response below, it is important to note that AWD was an option on the '06 Fusion, so it is possible that the vehicle is equipped with AWD. Unfortunately, two-word responses from the OP do not really allow all of us to help him as much as we normally could.

Before I posted I looked up the specs for the '06 Fusion just to see if AWD was an option in '06. The sites I looked at showed the optional traction control but no AWD option.

But the OP should at least check for himself/herself and provide some real feedback.

It is not AWD, and thank you for your interest.

It does not have s-c, and thank you for your interest.

Thank you.