Tire Replacement


Integra 1999 - bought it in 2004 w/ 38k miles and replaced a pair of tires. Now 66k.

Guy at Costco didn’t even put the meter to measure the thread but tells me:

2004 tires have 4 & 3/32 as they are unevenly worn out due to alignment.

Others are 2001 tires and have 4/32; There are cracks he says - for me they are hairline cracks.

I have rotated tires every 5k & kept the tire pressure as well. There is no noticeable alignment issue - I aligned them in 2004.

What are the best course of actions? Should I replace or keep for a while till it hit the legal limit (2 ?)

I would still have an alignment specialist look at the tires, purchase new tires all around, and get an alignment check. You will need tires before winter, so why not now?

There are wear indicators built into the tread (not thread) of most brands that a regular tire tech will know just by looking.
A second opinion is always nice from another source.

I am in CA.

You still need wet and dry traction. Tires in general lose their traction abilities the closer to the 2/32d wear indicator.

And think of the shoes on your feet. Old shoes -vs- new shoes. Yes, the old ones are still wearable but when you wear them you know dang well that you want to avoid that wet sidewalk or pay particular attention as you walk there. You also FEEL the difference between the old rubber soles and the new.

Your car’s “shoes” are the tires. If you don’t already have a repair savings fund, at least start saving now for the inevitable.

I agree with Ken that he probably looked at the wear bars (indicators) and gave you an estimate that was basically saying that they’re low on tread, so start looking.

An alignment never hurts.

Tires approaching the legal limit are more likely to hydroplane. If you can afford it, replace the tires sooner than that. Otherwise, at least be very careful when driving in the rain.

Go to Wallmart and buy the $2 gauge and measure the tread yourself…It’s easy to do.

Alignment in 2004??? That’s 5+ years ago…You probably need new tires and a alignment.

Went to Sears and he gave me 6/32 & 5/32
It seems Costco tried to rip me off.