Tire Replacement/ need advice

My daughter just bought a used car with four brand new tires. On her first trip to pick up her brother at school, she went over a curb and blew out one of the tires. We are having the tire replaced today - but do we really need to buy two new tires so that they match? It was suggested that we could take the two good ones from the back put them both on the front and then put the replaced one on the back along with the old (newer and non-matching) other tire. If one was only buying one tire, is that a good option? Or do you think that it is really important to buy two now?

If all the tires were new, you need to buy only ONE new tire, and just put it where the bad one was. The important thing is to buy the exact same size and tread profile. In other words, it the bad tire was an allweather radial, you replace it with such a tire. I would not worry about the brand.

If the tires are just a little worn find an exact replacement single tire in model/brand/size. The reason for buying in pairs is to balance the traction due to wear and tread type.

I would ensure the same brand/model in order to maintain balance of tires in slippery conditions(heavy rain, winter ice/snow/slush) or emergent. Buying a different make/model is asking for trouble, I know from experience in winter conditions.

If the tires were brand new, you don’t need to buy two tires. Find a tire dealer who sells the same brand that’s on the car now and replace the bad tire with an exact match. Problem solved.

I have to agree, a replacement tire of the same model/brand/size is the best bet. A few years back I replaced two tires on my wife’s car with same size, but from a different manufacturer/model. The new and the old tires were incompatible due to the difference in actual sizes. I ended up replacing all 4 tires and the car was fine after that.

If it was a front tire blowout, especially if the car is FWD, get the suspension/steering checked for damage just be safe.

Ed B.