Tire Pressure

The recommended pressure on the tire is +/-

40 psi while the data plate on the vehicle door recommends 26 front and 29 rear. To what pressure should I inflate the tires?

By the vehicle’s door plate info.

The info on the tire is maximum for the tire but remember that tire could be on any vehicle.
But now it’s on yours.
Use your door plate info.

The numbers on the door are correct for the vehicle.

The inflation numbers on the tire are the max number for the tire regardless of the vehicle it is mounted on.

Nowhere on the tire does it say recommended pressure. It says maximum pressure, as in if you exceed this pressure, the tire may suddenly fail.

The data plate has the recommended pressure.

Read the tire again.

40 psi is not the “recommended” pressure, it’s the MAXIMUM pressure.

It’s not advisable to inflate tires to their maximum pressure.

Inflate the tires according to the data plate.

Thanks all, it seems so obvious now

The recommended pressure on the tire is +/-

Try again. There is no recommended pressure on the tyre. There is a MAXIMUM pressure on the tyre. Since the tyre makers don’t know what car a tyre is going to be installed on, they could hardly recommend a pressure.

You need to look in your owner's manual or maybe on a sticker in the glove box, under the fuel lid or on a door.