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Tire pressure

One of my tire pressure transmitters has been reading 3-4 lbs low for some time. 2007 Acura with 6,700 miles on it. Is that a dealer item to fix? Under waranty? Or is it a service station thing? Costly?

6,700 miles in three years? Wow.

Warranty? Read it and see for yourself. My Acura is no longer under warranty, so I can’t say.

Service station? Good question. There hasn’t been a decent service station in my area for more than 20 years. There are, however, good independent mechanics who can be trusted. I patronize several for standard maintenance on my cars.

I suggest you find an independent mechanic to help you properly maintain your mdx.

Costly? Nothing on an Acura is cheap.

Premium brand = premium price.

Have you checked the tyre independently to make sure the tyres is not low and the transmitter is right?

I agree with mc but frankly I have no idea of what the cost is for the part nor do I know what is involved in syncing the new sensor with the car if anything.

Checked with the dealer. It’s under a 4 year waranty and qualifies by 6 months or so. So, I am good to go.