Tire pressure

my brother has a 2008 saturn sky the tires call for 44 psi but on the door it says 29.9 psi he want to keep 29 pds of air in them and i told him to boost the pressure up to at least 35 psi should he do that or keep it at 29 psi thanks

The tires do not “call for” 44 PSI. Please look up “maximum” in your dictionary.

they are 245/45r18 and they do call for 44 psi

I agree completely with what lion9car said.

If your doctor told you that he did not want to see your blood pressure higher than…let’s say…140, that does not mean that your blood pressure should be 140.

To explain this issue for the 5,849th time, the appropriate tire pressure for the car is what is printed on the label affixed to the driver’s door jamb. If you want to add a few (2 or 3 lbs.) to that figure, that is not a bad idea as it will improve handling, fuel economy, and tread wear to a small extent.

The pressures noted on the tire sidewall are there to let you know that the tire will blow out if that pressure is exceeded. Running a car with tire pressures that high will cause most cars to oversteer, wear out the center of the tread, eventually lead to damage to ball joints and tie rods, make the tire more prone to punctures, and possibly lead to blowouts.

i wasnt saying put 44 pds in im not dummie or retard i no that in hot weather the tire WILL EXPLODE im saying maybe put 30 to 32 pds in and im not a retard

How do they “call for” 44 psi? I have never heard a tire speak to me. I just went out and addressed all four of them on my daily driver. I heard nothing. I even tried a stethoscope. The sidewalls do read, "Max press … psi.

they are 245/45r18 and they do call for 44 psi

No they don’t call for 44 psi, they are warning you that they are not designed to be inflated over 44 psi cold.

This is sponsored by a tyre manufacturer Bridgstone - Firestone and instructs the reader to check the owner’s manual for the correct tyre pressure.

Here is another from the Goodyear site.
Check Your Air Pressure
Keep your tires properly inflated and you could improve gas mileage by more than $1.50 every time you fill your tank. The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle is located on a sticker inside your driver-side door or noted in your owner’s manual.

You might also try the US Department of transportation.
They say:
You can find the correct tire pressure for your tow vehicle in the owner?s manual or on the tire information placard.

The tires should be inflated to the spec. on the door sticker. The 44 is the max.

Settle down, nobody is calling you a dummy. Although, I am accusing you of very poor grammer, incorrect spelling and punctuation. Remember what your teacher always said, “don’t murder the good kings english”.

wasnt saying put 44 pds in im not dummie

Well you’re the one who said…“saturn sky the tires call for 44 psi but on the door”

First off…it’s PSI…and dummy is spelled with a Y…NOT “ie”.

As everyone else had said…the 44psi is the MAX pressure those tires can handle…Along with the 44psi you’ll see another number of weight. Those tires can be put on different vehicles with different weight. Your brothers car with it’s weight, the optimum pressure is 29.9…I usually keep mine 2-3 psi higher.

Dude, you’re the one who said: “my brother has a 2008 saturn sky the tires call for 44 psi”. Don’t get your panties in a knot because your comment was confusing, we’re trying to answer your question (you did pose a question didn’t you?) going only by what you said.

I think he does “no” that (as in his statement: " i no that in hot weather…"), but he is not willing to concede the point.

Somewhere, an English teacher is sobbing quietly.

I could be wrong but I don’t recall anyone saying that the 29.9 or 30# is COLD tire pressure…approx. every other week or BEFORE a trip out of town(50miles or so) I’ll check all 4 tires BEFORE I even start the car.