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Tire Pressure, Viva 3

This is for the Base Pontiac Vibe, not the GT. My tire pressure monitoring light stays on after I had the car inspected. The inspector did remove 2 tires to rotate them. Since then, I’ve tried to reset the light, but it doesn’t seem to reset. I get in, turn the key to On, and press the reset button at the same time, there is no flashing of the TPMS, it is only a steady ON. I’d like to check the pressure myself, but I can’t see how much pressure should be in these tires to begin with. The tires are Goodyear Viva 3 tires on all 4 wheels. I think the front, and rear tires should be at different PSIs, but I’m not sure. What should the tire pressure be for Goodyear Viva 3 tires on a base, 2009, Pontiac Vibe?

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There is a sticker on the car somewhere with that info. Typically on the door jamb or maybe in the glove box. It should also be in the owners manual. It’s specific to the car, not the tire (assuming you have the correct size tires). I’d be surprised if it’s different front vs. rear.

On one of our vehicles after having the tires all aired to proper amount the tire shop had to use a handheld scan tool to clear the warning light.

The inspector removed 2 tires for rotation , that sounds really strange for an inspection. Why ?

I saw it in the door jamb, 32 psi on all 4. I should be okay for now.

Thank you very much for your inpiut. :slight_smile:

Not really. It’s common in state inspections to remove one front and one rear wheel to check brake wear. Is it an accurate way of doing so? I honestly don’t know. :flushed:

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State inspections are new to me. In Mexico, if the car starts, and stops, it passes; not really, they check more, but aren’t as strict as U.S. inspections are.

I am not confused by removing one front and one back for brake inspection. I am confused by not putting them back where they were.


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I guess that depends on where you are. Where I live there are no inspections of any kind.

There are many states without periodic safety inspections. Attached is a link to a chart identifying them.

We’ve had lengthy debates on whether periodic safety inspections actually reduce either accidents or accident severity. I’m unaware of any data whatsoever that they do either. A few states have discontinued them with no impact in any accident data whatsoever. We have them in NH and I’ve seen vehicles failed for absolutely ridiculous reason, and I’ve seen vehicles with valid stickers with lug nut missing, bent wobbly wheels, broken windshields, and body parts flapping in the wind. I’ve yet to read of a system that isn’t fraught with problems. I respect others’ opinions that they’re necessary, but I haven’t seen any evidence that they have any benefit whatsoever.

On some vehicles moving the wheels around for a tire rotation can cause the tire pressure monitor dash light to turn on. There’s a simple procedure to turn it off usually, but varies car to car. If the tire pressures measure ok, and the “turn-off” procedure isn’t in the owner’s manual, you may have to visit a dealership.

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This problem is solved, how do I delete it?

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