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Tire Pressure Mystery

Nope. Parked almost exclusively in my garage, with tires away from everything that could interfere with a valve stem. BTW, that RF tire valve stem was also replaced at the last servicing. Problem remained. Good thought, though.

I don’t automatically think dealerships are bad or corrupt, but I do know that dealerships will charge a lot more in labor as compared to what independent shops will charge- just because they have the big Automaker logo out front. This extra expense is often unnecessary.

Independent shops are often smaller, and you can often build a better mechanic/consumer relationship with them.

Both types of shops can rip you off though, so do your homework and make sure you find a trustworthy one.

I still think something is funky with this whole thing. Maybe a camera in the garage is in order.

Yeah I also had faith in the dealers but I’m not stupid either. As I mentioned already, I took my car in with over 100K on it to have a couple new key fobs programmed. They did an inspection and reported I had a bad oil leak at the rear seal and also some at the front seal. Of course you have pull the trans for that. So I checked the oil level and it was normal, nothing on the garage floor etc. So I took it to the shop I trust and they found nothing except a few drops. I checked the oil last night with 2000 miles since the last change and I’m down less than 1/2 pint over several months.

Maybe some day it’ll need the new seals for a couple thousand but I’ll wait for now. They really did not do themselves any favors. The thing is the new kids at the desk don’t know me or my family’s history with the dealership so I got a taste of how they treat people off the street.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with the way the car is driven. For example, the car is driven with mostly left turns, so the right side tire sees most of the cornering force and that causes an extra bit of air leakage.

  • OR -

The last turn into the driveway is a sharp left turn with a bump (the curb) at the end.

So I propose a test where the OP changes his driving style to very gentle to see if that changes things.