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Tire pressure monitoring system error

I have an Audi a8 2006 with tpms. I got an error yesterday saying all levels were low. Slightly. This morning before driving anywhere, I filled the tires to the spec pressures 38 fr and 36 rear. I initialized through the mmi system.
When I had it display pressures the pressures on the drivers side were lower in the 30-33 range but with temps in the 118 range. On the pass side pressures were reading 38-40 with temps in the 80 range.
The car was not driven for 16 hours prior to filling up tires. Car in a garage. Displayed values were as soon as i turned car on. I didn’t drive 10 feet.

Any idea what this means? Bad sensor? Receiver?

Thanks in advance.

You Don’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist, But . . .
. . . Remember when tire pressure was just a simple maintenance item ?

Apparently Audi’s got at least three different types of TPMS and that A8 has a deluxe, complicated one, the BERU digital tire monitoring system.

I take it that you’ve gone over the Owner’s Manual ?
Don’t assume the system’s broken, yet. Other owners have had problems/concerns, too.

Here’s what I’d do. Befriend somebody at the Audi dealer who’ll be nice enough to make you a copy of Audi Technical Service Bulletin #44 07 05 2010333/3 Dec. 3, 2007. (Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 44 number 04-01 dated Sept. 21, 2004 to update procedure.) Maybe you can search and find it online.

I’m looking at this copyrighted 4 page bulletin written for Audi Technicians that outlines helpful information for understanding and diagnosing the BERU TPMS in 2004 -2008 Audi A8s. It’s best that you are looking at it with the car in front of you. I can’t share it or they’ll put me in jail.

The bulletin could even make sense to you and hey! It’s a starting point.
Good luck & may the force be with you.


I just hate it when automotive manufacturers use new technology before the bugs are all worked out. We don’t really need the TPMS but some governmental agency got involved and now we have them. Technology like seat belts and air bags are lifesavers but others like ABS and TPMS are just a pain in the rear. I’m now stepping off the soapbox.

Why? I thought you were doing fine, heh, heh.