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Tire pressure dilemma

Greetings! I have tires of various different types and makes (had several emergency tire replacements on a weekend when mechanic was closed) and all the sidewalls have a different tire pressure. Alas, none of the pressures listed on the tires match the pressure listed on the door panel information. When I inflate the tires to the psi on the door panel they look flat. I have a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx. Thoughts?

The pressure on the side walls is the MAX pressure for the tires. Not the operational pressure for your vehicle. Use the pressures reflected on the placard on the door jamb.


Door panel trumps all, except if the tire’s maximum pressure (the value on the side of the tire) is LESS than the door panel value. Is it?

And radials tend to ‘look flat’. Are the all the correct size?

When you check the pressure, is it first thing in the morning, before ANY driving? That’s the pressure to compare against the door panel value.

I would put a set of matched tires on your car if you expect it to drive decently…Inflate them to what the door sticker says…Make sure your gauge is accurate. Many of those $2 pencil-type gauges are not…