Tire inside edge


I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna van . I purchased 4 BF Goodrich tires(80 k mile warrenty)

After say 25k, the tires are okay , except the front tire’ss inside edges are kind of worn out with little tread remaining.What could be the problem.I rotate the tires after about 7 to 8k.


Start with a 4-wheel alignment.

I’d Opt For A 4-Wheel Alignment With A Thorough Check Of All Suspension & Steering Components, Especially If It’s Been A While Since Having It Done.

You could just have an alignment problem. Rotating tires every 7K to 8K miles makes it difficult to ascertain whether it needs a front or rear wheel alignment. In other words, which end of the car were the tires on when they wore unevenly? Get the whole works, a 4-wheel alignment.

Since an alignment won’t work with worn or damaged parts, that’ll be sorted out as a preliminary check as part of the alignment.