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Tire inflation

local dealers and garages are selling a nitrogen tire inflation that suposedly improves fuel economy,increased tire life and better braking and handling.when air is 78%nitrogen why would a little increase in nirogen do all tha???

Well it does do all that. I would guess it is about a 0.026% improvement.

The only real benefit is a reduced moisture content and therefor less rust on on the wheel. Still not worth the bother.

I agree. You will just be paying for something that you already have for the most part. Save your money.

I have one set of tires from Costco where this service is included in the tire price. I still have to add air in between temperature changes, etc, so it is not a major panacea. Do not pay extra for this service.

Total BS:

Improves fuel economy: Absolute nonsense, air = N2

increased tire life: Absolute nonsense, air = N2

better braking: Absolute nonsense, air = N2

better handling: Absolute nonsense, air = N2

There’s not even a fraction of a percent difference. Free? OK. Not worth any $$

Bottled gas is gooder than the wet kind with oxygen in it. Liquor and gasoline don’t mix either: Drink them separately.

WoW ! Barry, That Is Quite An Exposition ! My Hat Is Off To You. Thanks.
It’s great having a tire guy (engineer) here. Keep the info coming.

I saved the link to your Tire Tech Main Page, too.


It’s nothing but a way for shops to increase their daily revenues a bit. That’s the only real purpose it serves.

Besides, I personally would not want to drive around with those little green valve caps. I’d feel like I was advertising myself as someone able to be scammed.

Yes, thanks SO MUCH for a great explanation behind tire pressures and th identical behavior of air and nitrogen. 100% exactly right!