Tire flat spots

looking for a good alternative to the MICHELIN Pilot MXM4, P235/50R17 95V for my 2002 Tbird. Just put these on in April to replace the originals. Noticed some "thumping last fall and dealer thought there might be some belt shifting, so I replaced all 4 tires this spring. (I store it for the winter) New tires are thumping as well. Never noticed this the prior to last October. Am told these high performance tires are susceptible to this. It does lessen as the tires warm up after a few miles of driving, but it always is noticeable at 35-40mph. Anyone else had this experience? Any solutions?

Many H and V rated tires have a NYLON cap ply under the tread. Two steel belts plus one Nylon belt. Read your sidewalls…The Nylon is there to keep the tread from separating at high speeds. Rubber can be bonded to Nylon MUCH better than it can be bonded to steel…

The “Nylon Thump” should disappear after a mile or two… And yes, 50 series tires on a 2002 T-bird certainly will produce a harsh ride…What’s the Original Equipment tire size??

When you store a car, overinflate your tires to about 50 psi. This won’t PREVENT the flat spot, but it will minimze it. Then when you go to use the vehicle, deflate the tires to the proper operating pressure.

  • OR -

Store your vehicle off its tires - on jack stands.