Tire delimma

Hello. So I am going to be driving from vermont to Illinois this weekend. Temps still look like winter for the drive but in two weeks time on my way back temps look a lot more spring like. Will my winter tires (x ice) withstand the 1000 mile trek without too much wear? Btw they are only 2 seasons old.

Keep them on until weather gets warmer. Tread depth should be at least 8/11th for good snow traction.Get a tread depth guage to measure them.

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Assume you mean 8/32 inch?

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Yep, Sorry! 8/32 inch make more sense.

The number I’ve heard is that 60 degrees is where your winter tires will start to wear too fast, although I have no authoritative source for that and I don’t know if that’s really accurate.

Leave the winters on, you are good

Yes. They’ll wear a wee bit more than summers would, but if you SHOULD run into bad weather you’ll be safer. Safety comes first.

I totally agree. I’d keep the snows on.