Timkin or SKF?

Which bearing/hub assembly do you prefer? Is there any appreciable difference?

I’ve dealt with Timken, SKF, FAG, etc…

All provide quality products.


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Agree, I’d have no issues with either brand. I have used both.


Never had a problem with any of them.

SKF used to be sourced from Japan, but a friend of mine bough one recently and it was from China.
Still looked like a good build quality, go figure if anything would change.

What you have to look out for nowadays is counterfeit products that mimic the packaging of the real products. Buy your bearings from a trusted source, if you see a bargain too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=26&v=SnyFwY3tXAo&feature=emb_logo

Don’t all bearing and seal manufacturers have a heavy investment in China? One of the races has often indicated when China was the source. I gave up insisting on domestic bearing long ago. It became a useless battle to fight. One of the bearing reps told me that automotive roller bearings were designed well in excess of the loads they were used in but he was peddling bearings on a commission. But I have never seen a roller bearing fail from lack of quality. Poor lubrication, contaminated lubricant, overloading or improper installation were always somewhat obvious when replacement was necessary. But “hub assemblies” is a different story. From the original design they seem to be built to fail regardless where they were made.

I think that Timken is manufacturing in China and has been for a while.

There used to be a large Hyatt Roller Bearing factory in Clark, NJ, but GM closed it down in the '80s, and transferred all operations to a GM factory in China.