Timing Cover Leak

Hey everyone,

I have an oil leak from the timing chain cover on my 04 Ford Escape XLT. As of right now, the leak seems to be fairly small - apart from the oil that gathers along the back of the pan, I might see maybe 2 or 3 quarter-sized drops on the driveway/parking lot a day (a generous estimate - sometimes a little less) and the oil levels are staying fairly consistent (have had the leak for about 2 weeks now). Since the repair cost is a little rich for my blood right now, does anyone have any experience with these leaks?

My mechanic has told me that it is safe to drive normally as long as the oil spots stay smaller and I check the oil regularly - are there any distances or speeds that I should avoid?

I’d really just like to try and go as long as possible before I have to break down and make the fix - is there anything I can do in the meantime to keep the leak from getting worse?

Thanks in advance!

Start checking your oil at every fill up until you establish a usage rate. Then figure out from there. Are you absolutely sure that the leak is coming from the timing chain cover? Have you ruled out the oil pressure sending unit or maybe even the oil filter gasket? Did you just get the oil changed recently?

If you just had your oil changed recently, have you mechanic check the oil filter for a “double gasket”. This happens when the old oil filter is remove, but its gasket sticks to the block. Then the new oil filter is installed resulting in two gaskets stacked on each other. Eventually one will slip and you will lose all your oil in a matter of minutes.