Timing chain question Acura tsx 04

About four weeks ago, I had a metal on metal sound in second and third gear. Oil level registered low; I added one quart; the noise went away and then had oil change done. Then, after driving the car without trouble; I went to start car and the engine would turn over, and immediately stall out. After revving the gas, I could get the car to start, and could be driven onto tow truck.

The dealer states that the timing chain is stretched 6 mm; and the engine pistons etc ruined. They have never seen anything like this. Damage $9000; and what did I DO to the car.


More of a question of what you DIDN’T do. How frequent were your oil changes? How many miles on this engine??

Sounds like this engine has a interference engine. When the chain slips there’s a good chance the valves and pistons touched causing the damage.

I go along with Mike about more info being needed. Other than the questions he posed I would ask these.
You stated you added one quart of oil. Did this one quart of oil bring the oil level up to the FULL mark or was it still low? Or near empty?

A number of vehicles other than Acuras use chain tensioners that require oil pressure to maintain the proper chain tension. Lack of oil, and oil pressure, can cause the chain to jump or become ruined. When the chain jumps the valves can hit the pistons just as Mike mentions.
Here’s a brief note about this problem.


My car has about 72 K in regards to mileage (71K at last oil change) and I had the 60 k check (at 66K) in 2/08; when I added the quart of oil before the last oil change, it brought the dipstick up to the low mark. There was no oil light at any time. The service advisor told me that I should have waited 15 minutes after driving, to check the oil, and it was likely not low.