Timing chain damage

How much value does a car lose if it has suffered damage due to a thrown timing chain. In particular, my dealer during a routine timing chain replacement caused the new chain to throw resulting in bent valves and damaged pistons. The repair will be a rebuilt head and installation.

Considering the average life of a timing chain is probably well past 100K miles, I’d think the reduction in value to be minimal, because of the lower value of the older car overall. No more reduction in value that a blown head gasket repair, or overall engine rebuilt repair.

I’m going to bet you are talking about a timing belt, not chain. Timing chains aren’t replaced routinely, unlike belts.

The loss of value is essentially zero. Were you thinking of trying to squeeze the dealer for the loss of value? Even if there was any, you’d be hard-pressed to recover a dime, unfortunately.

your post is not clear. do you mean due to a faulty replacement the dealer is repairing the head for you? if so, then there is no difference in value. (actually the value may have gone up, since maintenance has been done)

BUT, if you lost the timing chain/belt; and the engine was ‘lunched’ and now you have it at the dealer for repairs, that is a different story. to make the determination of whether to fix or not depends on age, model year etc. got any more info to share???
you don’t say the age or mileage or model.

I’m also confused, either a timing chain or belt failure will cause significant damage on an interference type engine. Timing belts are normally changed at intervals of about 100K miles, timing chains last longer (I like to replace them every 200K miles, or so). There is no reduction in value after it is properly fixed.

If it is not fixed, there is a significant loss of value, obviously. If it is fixed, then I fail to see a loss of value. Perhaps there are some additional details that you would like to share with us.

There’s no such thing as a routine timing chain replacement. I too suspect you mean timing belt.

Assuming it’s properly repaired, the car will suffer no loss of value. Only your bank account will suffer a loss of value. And, if the dealer truely is reaponsible, the dealer should pick up the cost of repair.