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Timing belt

we have a Toyota Sienna 1998 with 91,000 miles we have changed (synthetic)oil regularly. Maintenance says to replace the timing belt at 90,000 “severe” miles??? Our mechanic says it will cost about $600 with replacing water pump and any seals that need it (while doing timing belt). If we are keeping the car for another 50,000 miles or trading it in soon would this make a difference to recommendation?

Its not only the mileage to consider,but TIME.
I believe you are past the 7 yrs.,or so period recommended to change the belt if its the original.In other words,you are tempting fate

Changing the oil has no impact on the life of a timing belt, it is not lubricated by oil. Your 10 year old car is WAY OVERDUE for a timing belt change.

If you going to trade it in, do it tomorrow or ASAP. If you plan to keep the car do it even sooner.

Change the timing belt. If it breaks, it will destroy the engine. Engines are a lot more expensive than $600. It will be money well spent.

This engine is NOT an interference engine so if it breaks at least you won’t be destroying your engine. However timing belts don’t always break at convenient times. You may end up being stranded in the middle of no where in the middle of a snow storm at 2am Christmas Eve.

This vehicle is overdue for a new timing belt. I’d recommend having it replaced ASAP. If the belt breaks the engine will stop running and will NOT restart.

This can happen at highway speed during rush hour traffic. When the engine stops running you also lose power brakes and power steering. YIKES!

Have a new timing belt installed.

thanks for the opinion! guess I need to keep my apt thurs at the garage!

I believe all Sienna motors until very recent are INTERFERENCE with a timing belt.

It changed when they update the motor from 3.3L to a 3.5L with timing chain.

I only know as I have been researching buying a 2004-2006 for a family vehicle and bummed on this added expense.

“Your 10 year old car”

Make that 11 or 12 y.o. car.

Agreed. It’s an interference engine. We own one.

Toyota, I think, at least on my 2002 sienna recommends inspecting the water pump etc. When our timing belt was replaced, they said the pump and other hardware were good, and did not need to be replaced. they did say some customers preferred to pay the extra, just in case.

In your case, it looks as if the pump would have 15 years on it, per your driving plan. So, that could be a reason to change it even if it still looks good.

Better tell Gates then. Because according to their website’s NOT.