Timing Belt


I paid a mechanic shop to change the timing belt on my '94 S10. Then, I have to take the head off to get it reworked. When I got down to the block it looks as though the timing cover, harmonic balancer and belt tensioner have not been touched. Does anyone think I’ve been had?


Those parts aren’t part of the timing belt change; with the possible exception of the tensioner. It, and the water pump (if it’s driven by the timing belt) should be changed anyway, while you’re in there.


You may have misunderstood me. I paid for something I think I haven’t received.


It’s possible. If you have driven only a few miles since the belt change, you should be able to read the lettering printed on the backside of the belt. Other than that, it’s difficult to tell as cogged timing belts wear is not easy to see. If you had a new belt and a new tensioner next to your old belt and old tensioner, then you might be able to pass judgment on these.

Next time ask for the old parts. They are yours; you need to provide no explanation for this.


One more thing. If your mechanic did not change the belt, it might eventually break and strand you and possibly ruin your engine. If you don’t have one, go back to your mechanic to ask for an itemized receipt for the work done. If he asks why, tell him that you might sell the vehicle and want to assure the next owner that the belt and idler have been changed. Then if you have trouble, you at least have some documentation if you have a problem. If there is no hope of your mechanic providing satisfaction if the belt breaks, consider it a hard lesson learned on where to get your work done.