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Timing Belt

What happens if you place a timing belt that is for non vtec engine on a vtec honda accord? What will happen?

why would you do that? Probably doesn’t fit.

Either it’s going to fit or not. Doubtfull it will fit.

Looking that the Gates Belt website I see that there are 2 different part numbers, and exploring further I see that apparently the belts are rated for different horse power engines. I am guessing that the higher horse engine is the VTEC engine. I doubt the belt will fit, but just to be safe, make sure you get the right belt. Especially since Honda engines are almost all interference type engines. That means that if the belt breaks your valves will meet the pistons in a high speed catastrophic collision.

thx, for the reply. I’m just trying to figure out if something is wrong with my car. I recently got my timing belt, water pump, etc changed at a shop. However, my car engine used to be a lot quieter. After the things have been changed, my car seems to be louder. like I hear the engine more. But they said the car was fine so I’m trying to find out. Would you by chance know? Or where I can find out more? Thank you

Did they replace the tensioner also?? They could have put the belt on too tight also.

I pretty sure that the belts are interchangable, the v-tec is in the rocker assembly, not in the timing gears like other variable valve timing engines. I would say that the extra noise is probably due to an extra vibration as RPM’s increase and this would be caused by the mechanic not getting the balance shafts timed correctly when he put that belt back on.

I’m not too sure what they have changed. I just know that they changed all the belts, and the water pump of my car. does it have to be loosened or will it be loosened over time?