Timing belt replacemtent

For my 2003 Subaru Outback 4cyl, the dealer started in at about 50,000mi for me to have the timing belt replaced (as a routine matter, no inspection). The service manual suggests over 100,000 miles, and even going by time, over 9 years for replacement. The Outback has about 57000 mi. What to do? Inspections seem impossible and as costly as replacement.

You’re safe going by the manual. The dealer’s only interest is in getting your money.

9 years, eh? Unusually long.

The criteria I have seen recommends 105K miles for this Subaru. Given the age of the timing belt, I would start to look at replacement in 2010-2011 and not before. Unfortunately, I have no cars that are this low mileage (with timing belts), so I don’t know if stretching to eight years is prudent or not.

8 years OR 105k miles whichever first is the criteria. 2010 is the time.