Timing belt install incorrectly

I own 2014 VW TDI Passat.
I just done timing belt change and 100k service and oil change.
It’s cost me $2,550.
I never want my car to broke down in the middle of driving. It was my worst nightmare just to think of it.

6 days later car made weird noise suddenly stop in the middle of the road. I was on the way home from work 2 am.
I tow my car and called VW dealership about incident.
They said " if I tow my car they will take a look at it"
from my house to dealership is 49 miles. Seriously I didn’t want tow my car that long distance.
And I didn’t want dealership to hide something from me so I found mobile disel mechanics.
He came check my car found timing belt wasn’t installing correctly.

The mechanic explained to VW what is wrong with my car. Then they sent me tow truck.

I asked them to bring me a loaners car. But they said no and don’t have it.
20 minutes later VW called me to come pick up loaners car.
I asked again to bring me a car.
They said No.
I called uber suddenly VW called me again not to come because they had to make paperwork for repairment request, it’s not done so loaners car is available but can’t issues it.
I’m not impressed by VW, Im woman I don’t want VW to walk all over me would you please give me your advice what should be know about it. How should I handle this situation? Please help!!!

You do realize that your vehicle is no longer under warranty, and doesn’t need to be serviced by a VW dealership?



Who did you pay $2550 to do the “timing belt change and 100k service and oil change” . . . ?!

whoever that was . . . that’s who needs to look over what they did, since there seems to be some question, as to whether they performed the repairs correctly


Given the price , I assume she had it done at the dealer although it would have helped if she had said that.
My advice would be to talk nicely to them if they are the one who messed it up as long as it looks like they are going to fix it. Keep a record of everything. Phone calls dates times and who you talked to and what they said, keep all paperwork. Give them the opportunity to do the right thing but build the evidence if you have to go to court.

I do not know what state you are in but the NY State Attorney Generals office helped settle a dispute I had woth a dealer and let me avoid going to court.

I really did try being reasonable first.

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