Timing Belt & Crank Shaft Pulley Bolt/Key



I have a 1996 Honda Civic. Timing belt was replaced in June 2006 by my regular mechanic. In August on 2007, I was driving when a loud (and terrible) noise came from the engine and the power steering went out. I immediately took it to a nearby mechanic. The first question he asked was if there had been work recently done on the timing belt. His diagnosis- crank shaft pulley bolt was very loose, which caused the crank shaft pulley key to break = $850 in damages to the engine of my car. He said that usually the only time the crank shaft bolt is touched is when work is done on the timing belt. Is this true? I would like to file a complaint for negligence against the original mechanic (the one who installed the timing belt).

Thank you.

Ps. When I spoke to the mechanic who had done the original work, he told me the warranty had expired and he then hung up the phone. Great customer service.


I’m sure he’s right about his warranty. He should know, it’s HIS warranty, and it has been OVER A YEAR. How many miles have you gone by now?

You should ask this in the car questions forum. This is the 2nd opinion booth. Click “back” a couple of times to find it.