Timing belt broke on interference engine. need advice



This won’t help the OP but this thread points out that engines with timing belts have a mile limit (Often 60,000 miles) where the belt has to be replaced or THIS will happen. I understand the OP is a student with limited funds but when you ignore the manufacturers maintenance recommendations, especially on an item this important, you’re playing with fire.

This engine is toast, the car is too old to justify putting much money in it. If you could find a junkyard engine and a GOOD buddy who could install it, then maybe it’s worth a gamble.


Nope, I’m the one who missed it. OP only discussed the one cylinder and I filled in details not in evidence.


Wish I could say that’s never happened to me!


Come-on Mike. How many OPs identify a junkyard engine as new because it is “new” to the car? Also “My new car” that is 10 years old but “new” to them.


I have no idea. All I can do is go by what the OP said, not what I thought he meant. That’s the reason I questioned the price and other discrepancies in what he said.


To me, this is $3,750.