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Timimg belt

I have a 2000 Mazda Protoge. Air and Auto.

changed the timing belt at 58,000.It now has 113,000. Dealer wants it done at 118,000.Just how long can I expect these things to last.Also serpintine belt squeeks in cold weather.Should that be changed or should I just be amused at the squeek.

thanks for the help

I don’t know what your OWNER’S MANUAL says, but with respect to timing belts you should follow that to the letter. If it says 60,000 miles, for instance, then the next change at 120,000 or earlier should be the right interval, regardless of what the dealer says. It’s your car!

Timing belts have some margin of safety built in; Honda belts in particular. However, Volkswagen belts have been known to break before the 60,000 mile interval!!

A sqeaking belt in itself is no indication of a need to replace, but I would inspect it for cracks, misalignment, glazing or idler pully misalignment. If it sqeaks for no apparent reason you may be able to quiet it down with a special spray for sale at auto supply stores.