TIme to sell, if so to a salvage yard?

I recently took my 97 Explorer in for an inspection using Click & Clack’s used car checklist and learned my transmission may only last through this year. It also has a cracked windshield, the ABS is gone, the rear windshield wiper motor is gone, The 6 CD changer quit, the hood doesn’t stay up and the passenger door lock quit working. Between the ABS and transmnission repairs it could cost more to fix than it is worth. I’m starting to look for a newer vehicle. Meanwhile, has anyone ever sold their vehicle to a salvage yard for parts? Is it worth more as parts than as an old SUV needing lots of repairs? How can I get the most $ for my ailing SUV?

How do salvage yards determine value?

If it’s running and passes the required inspections, put an add in the paper and sell it as-is (disclosing the problems). Someone who is capable of fixing it themselves will probably buy it for more than it’s salvage value.

A salvage yard if you drive it will give you what it is worth in scrap. In our area that can be up to $400-$500.

It sounds like a $1000 car to list on craigslist and see how bites.

What leads you to believe your transmission may only last through this year??