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Time for a trade in?

Love the show guys.

Ok so I have a '01 ford ranger, I think 2.5L.

I’ve had this problem for about 4 years…and basicly when I I have the car t high rpms or going up hill the

motor produces an absolutly terrible

banging noise. I think I have heard it refered to as “pinging” or “marbles in a can” noise. She has about 127000 miles. The sound it’s worse with lower grade fuel. Also it’s non-existant in 1st gear and less frequent in second but third and up especially uphill is gutwrenching. Is

it time to sell it for a few hundred and look for a new toy or worth the

money to repair? And if repairing is the option whats wrong with this thing? Thanks guys!

It is time for the proper diagnosis. It could simply be timing, routine maintenance or something failing internally in the engine. For probably 1/2 the cost of a monthly payment on a new car you should be able to get a good diagnosis if not a fix.

Yes, the origin of the problem could be as simple as bad timing or a need for new spark plugs, or…
But, ff this has actually been going on for 4 years, the potential damage to valves and pistons is…extensive. Why would you tolerate something like this for 4 years without having the problem taken care of?

Anyway, it is definitely repairable, but until someone tears the engine apart, nobody will know the extent of the repairs that are necessary. If you decide to sell it, please be sure to do full disclosure of the truck’s problems, otherwise bad karma will follow you for the rest of your life.

I conclude that as soon as you determined that the problem was mitigated by higher octane fuel that thats all you haver ever used since? yeah right.