TIL There are 2 states that still do not require Auto Insurance

I don’t consider myself selfish but I’m a bit like Rick in that I don’t want to pay outrageous $60+ per month for liability insurance for an additional vehicle that is driven less than 1000 miles per year. If they would let me pay $15 per month it would be okay. But the insurance industry makes zero effort to reduce my rate by letting me give them a small bond or letting me show them that I drive the vehicle very little. Am I being selfish by not wanting to let myself be ripped off by a government created monopoly?

Check your local laws. In many states YOU can be held financially responsible for your teenage sons actions.

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If you’re filthy rich, then you don’t need insurance. You self-insure. People like Bill Gates have ZERO insurance of any kind. Not even his multimillion dollar homes.


I believe many states allow you to self-insure if you have X number of vehicles, I believe the lowest number I seen was 10, most required you to have 20 to 25

The government did not create insurance companies, they regulate them. Each state has regs that constrain the companies.

Insurance companies are not monopolies…A monopoly is a business that is the only source for that product. There are always several insurance companies to choose from.

A trivia question…

In what city, state and year was the first car insurance issued? By what company?


I always had to be sure to mention the good legislative work of aaa in the early century. I don’t know the answers but I suspect aaa. Was in there somewhere.

Travelers Insurance was the first to insure a car.

Huh, they are the ones that didn’t want to pay when their insured backed into me in the drive in lane.

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Selfish and unreasonable . We get discounts on both of our vehicles for low yearly mileage so maybe you should check your insurance or change companies.

Edit : We don’t pay by the month but if we did it would be 86.00 a month for full coverage on both vehicles . The liability for the 2018 Ford Fiesta is only 20.00 a month


I carry automobile insurance, It’s the law here in Indiana and I am a law-abiding fellow. There are a lot of people that do have the attitude that they don’t need insurance and “let them sue me” I refer to this as a typical alcoholic attitude.

Every once in a while, I do like to see what it’s like to be a typical driver around here, I will take off from a red light just roaring the engine and change lanes abruptly with no signal and switch lanes again and slam on the brakes for the next red light. I just like to see what it feels like to drive like a nut.

Like db4690 said I don’t want to be on the same roads as you

Stay away from the squirrels. :laughing:


I seriously doubt that is normal driving that Rick refers to . Even if it is doing the same type of driving nonsense is foolish .


I believe even here in Calif, defendant/prisoner held in jail and gets sick, needing a trip to a doctor/dentist/ hospital, they’ll very likely get a big invoice for that service.

Answer; Gilbert Loomis bought an insurance policy to cover any damage his car might do from Travelers in 1897. Loomis lived in Dayton, Ohio.

I was going to say Omaha, b/c of the famous Mutual of Omaha insurance company.

Speaking of which: Did you ever notice that Marlin Perkins would safely hide away while assistant Jim was wrestling with the big snake or that huge gopher-like critter? … lol …

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As a group they function like a monopoly. Maybe monopoly isn’t the best word, but we are legally required to buy their product. If it wasn’t for the government, we wouldn’t have to buy their product. If it wasn’t for government regulations, insurance companies could charge lower premiums. As far as I understand the amount of money needed to start an insurance company is quite high. I’m talking about a real insurance company, not a company that is underwritten by another. Somehow the insurance industry is operating as a group to keep competition out, since there should be more insurance companies out there. The regulations help the big companies keep their positions. I found this interesting article about the capitalization requirements for an Insurance company. Capital-To-Asset Ratio | Small Business - Chron.com

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More of your nonsense . They are very competive and they all can’t operate in every state . The states set the coverage requirements.


Had to know and study the insurance regulations for my license. The majority is written for the protection of the insured, not the company. Consumer protection.

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As in, I’m legally required to buy your product for my protection.

Which is a really good thing since I have to share the public roads with people like you .