Tight on a dollar

i’am looking for a cheap car.will a stick shift be cheaper than a automatic.

I would say a stick might save you some money over an AT but there are a lot of cars with trouble free automatics in them. Also, as you may know already, getting a cheap car may not mean getting the least expensive one to keep running.

A stick will be cheaper to buy, whether it is new or used. Sticks just don’t fly off of dealer’s lots as well as automatics do. If you look at a www.NADA.COM listing for MANY used cars there is a deduction for manual transmissions.

It may vary, but often a stick will be cheaper. In part it will depend on the car. If you are looking at a performance sports car, stick might cost you more.

Why ask here?  Do some shopping.  The real question is what price is the price for the car you are looking at.  In your area maybe manuals are more popular or less.

A car with a manual transmission will get very expensive if you don’t know how to drive a stick!