Tie rods

i have a 95 civic and about 6 months ago i was hearing a ratteling sound evry tume i took off so i thought it was the axles and i put them on and it was still doing the same thing so my freind looked at it and told me that the problem was at the inner part of he tie rods . So i just wanted too know if its hard too put them on.

you cant do them easily, and replacing them means you need a front end alignment.

Maybe you should not listen to your friend. I’ve never heard of a tie rod rattle caused by someone taking off from a stop. In some extremely bad cases sometimes a very worn out tie rod may make a little tick or knock sound when hitting a bump or pothole.

I think you should examine the exhaust system. This sounds like a heat shield rattle to me.

after re reading your post what do you mean: “so i thought it was the axles and i put them on”???

what did you put on?

the axles

got ne pointers on replacing them