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Throttle does not respond

I drive a 1993 Chevrolet 1500 v6, 2wd. I have changed every part I can think of related to the fuel system. When I try to accelerate, the engine hesitates, it gets louder, and my truck will jerk. Sometimes, however, it is responsive. Often times, it will be responsive for a few minutes and start to decelerate. This problem has baffled me for a year, and I’d really like to fix it before school starts. Does anyone know what’s up?

Have you checked for a stretched timing chain?

Remove the distributor cap to expose the rotor. While someone watches the rotor, turn the engine by hand by the crankshaft bolt in one direction and then stop. Now turn the engine in the opposite direction. If the engine can be turned more than 5 degrees before rotor in the distributor starts to move the timing chain is stretched.


This may not be a fuel system issue. have you checked or replaced the MAP sensor or ignition module? Either of these can create this driveability issue. I would suspect the ignition module first, unless you have a code for the MAP sensor since it will usually set a code while the ignition module often will not.