Throttle body spacers and other performance/mileage "enhancers"


Has anyone installed a throttle body spacer (e.g. AIRAID Intake Sytems, Helix Plus) and/or other “performance boosters” like a Tornado air intake accessory? If so, did they – as advertised in the catalog – increase your mileage and power? Was it a signficant gain? Were they “easy to install”? Worth the time, money and effort?

Please advise.



None of this stuff works as claimed. If it did, why are they trying to sell it to Joe Schmoo? When they could go into any auto manufacturer and show that what they make works, and make millions!


If any of these things worked, it would be standard equipment on every new car. Save your money. None of these gimmicks is worth a nickel.

They do not, and some of them can damage your vehicle. Popular Mechanics tested these devices a while back and one of them, some “magic ionizing thing” melted onto the exhaust manifold and caught fire. The fire was significant enough to do other damage.