Thoughts on posting to the CarTalk online community

I strongly suggest that LackeyWannabe should demand a full refund of the amount that he/she paid for unhelpful advice in this forum. In fact, I feel so strongly about this issue that I will help him/her to file a claim with the Car Talk folks!

So…please remind me…How much did you pay for the non-helpful advice?


sometimes… you get what you pay for… :smiley:

“So it goes.” — K.V.

You didn’t post any credible references for your statements.

“Honda BlackbirdHonda Blackbird 5:20PM Report
I can tell you this…we help FAR more people here than we scare away…and its ALL on OUR OWN PERSONAL TIME…that we donate…simply to help people…”

“ALL” isn’t correct. As the threads on the changeover to the new site demonstrate, a lot of people post from their workplace.

oldtimer 11"You didn't post any credible reference for your statement."
"K.V." should suffice for the cognoscenti.

It’s not always about you.

Welcome to the internet.

BTW, people who know what they’re talking about don’t need to cite sources. People who don’t know what they’re talking about are the ones who need to go to the sources. And since my Google works the same as yours, what you’re saying is that you posted your original question because you’re too lazy to google it, and you wanted me to do it for you.

That’s not what we’re here for. We answer questions for free, on our own time. If you want a meticulously-footnoted research paper every time you post a question, and you don’t have a nice big fat check for me, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Or in other words, if you don’t like the answers that you get here for free, go ask a mechanical engineer, who will want you to pay him for his time.

You know a lot of times I do not know the exact answer for the exact problem but do not mind doing a quick google and posting a link for somebody. I remember my 3 year old daughter teaching her grandmother to pick up the mouse and relocate if it went off the screen. This is a benevolent altruistic community and when somebody posts a question, they may not know how to search the interweb, and I am glad to add relevant links just in case.

Shadow, you have been great for a great number of people. formerly waterboy!
What the heck ever happened to lackey wanna be, his spam filter or ours?

I don’t mind doing a quick google search myself. But some questions do not need to be cited. “What should I do when the oil light comes on” is not a question for which we need to prepare a bibliography. Neither is the question that the OP asked.

The OP asked a simplistic question with a simple answer - that being “as long as you’re doing it right, no you’re not going to hurt anything.” If the OP wanted us to research what we already knew and post a bunch of citations to technical journals, they should have specified that in the question so that we could hit the back button and move on to something else. This is a forum populated by people who need help and people who volunteer their time and knowledge to give help. Those of us in the latter camp are more than happy to do so, but, speaking for myself anyway, get somewhat annoyed when we are then criticized for not being scholarly enough, and for some comments being off topic. Well, as I said before, welcome to the internet. Unless the moderation on a forum gets extremely heavy-handed (which I have never sensed to be the style here) sometimes topics will wander. The OP had their question answered - why do they care if there are other comments in that thread that wander from the topic?

In short, the OP’s entire post here came off as though written by a whiny brat with an overinflated sense of entitlement. If they want “what they want, how they want it, when they want it, with nothing they don’t want,” then they should pull out a checkbook and find someone willing to do that for them. When you come onto a site asking for free answers, you have to expect some deviation from what you think the ideal response should be.

Lackey is alive, well and still trying to get the last word on here…They’re still a postin…still a askin…still a complainin…

I pretended to read the posts as if I had posted it, and though it rambled I would not have taken offense, but would have gleaned much valuable information.

We answered it with both emotional and informative responses… They could have gotten what they wanted to know out of it thats for sure. For them to be surprised at HOW we answered such a ridiculous and inflammatory question is shocking to me… I mean in some of their responses…I got that the OP knew they were being an idiot with the car…and then to ask if they were being an idiot struck me as odd…

“Lackey is alive, well and still trying to get the last word on here”

Other than the original post he’s said nothing in this thread. You on the other hand have been quite prolific. As if you’re trying to get the last word.

Is Wikipedia credible? My children think so. In all seriousness, an attorney friend of mine once warned me “When asking for professional advice, you get what you pay for”. In my profession there are many internet board chats with people looking for advice on certain issues. I charge $250 an hour to give high quality, well researched answers. The answers on the internet boards are all over the place. Some answers are good and some will probably result in a jail sentence. A board like this is a fantastic way to generate discussion and debate. Granted, we sometimes get a little off topic but we are an excitable and opinionated bunch.

I for one NEVER get tired of the spirited debates as long as they don’t degenerate into flame wars. This is supposed to be informative AND fun. Please don’t expect too much from us.

Everyone please have a healthy, safe, and happy New Year!!!

any kind of flame war that might erupt on here would be nothing compared to other sites I’ve been to.